Review: The Office! A Musical Parody – ‘The Office’ Lovers Unite

I don’t know about you, but I’m just going to assume that everyone who reads this is a fan of The Office because honestly, how can you not be? If you’re like me, you live and breathe anything Michael Scott. Well if this describes you, you my friend, are in for a treat.


I recently had the opportunity of seeing the Off-Broadway show, “The Office! A Musical Parody” in New York City on Monday. I’m not usually one for musicals or Broadway shows, but I just had to see this for myself. I have to say, I was very pleased. Below you’ll find a pros and cons list of the show.



  • Tickets/seating– the tickets were fairly cheap coming in at around $35 a piece. The show took place in the Jerry Orbach Theater in Manhattan which was nice because it was pretty small so no matter where you sat, you had a nice view of the performance.


  • Cast– the cast was pretty small with around 6-7 people total, some playing multiple characters. Sarah Mackenzie Baron played Michael Scott in the performance. As someone who idolizes Michael Gary Scott, these were big shoes to fill. Personally, I thought she did a wonderful job capturing the essence of somebody so prolific. Tom McGovern, who played Jim Halpert and Andy Bernard, was a sight to be seen as he frequently changed between the two characters. While Jim is a fairly normal person to portray, Andy on the other hand is quite different. McGovern’s performance as Andy was definitely, in my opinion, one of the best of the performances.


  • Story– While the performance lacked a real plot and story line, the show was still incredibly interesting and entertaining. When you read that the show is a parody, its easy to think to yourself, “How can this be a parody? Isn’t the real thing basically a parody of real life?” While you are correct, the story of the performance is basically reference after reference to the original show. An example of this could be that in the show, Kathy Bates plays Jo Bennett, CEO of Sabre. In the performance, this character is simply called Kathy Bates and is the CEO of Saber. The performance is filled with subtle references that any lover of the show will find endearing.


  • Length– the show is about an hour and a half including the intermission. I put this in the pro column because I thought it was a perfect balance between getting my moneys worth and having time to do other things while I was in the city.



  • Cast– I felt that some characters were a little corny and overdone such as Karen Filippelli who literally only said her name and references to anything Italian or Creed who talked like a killer clown in a horror movie. I felt that these characters could have been portrayed better, especially creed.


  • Story– I know I put this in the pros column but I thought it would have been cool for the performance to have more of a story line or plot to it.


  • Price of souvenirs/concessions– this one is just me being cheap, but I bought 1 beer and a thing of M&Ms and it cost me $11. I also was looking at some of the merchandise you could buy and I just felt that some of it was a bit pricey. I was very close to buying a crew neck sweatshirt that said “Got Beets?” with a silhouette of Dwight on it, but it was $40 and I just didn’t feel justified to pay that much for it.

Overall, this is definitely something a fan of The Office or a fan of musicals should put on their list of shows to see. This performance will keep you laughing and wanting more throughout its entirety. I would give this performance a 8.5/10, which I think is pretty good. But what do I know?

You can check out this link for tickets.

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