Tyler’s Unqualified Fantasy Corner: Week 11

Well…that was bizarre.

What a week. Colts lose to the Dolphins, Lamar Jackson might be the greatest person at their job I have ever seen in my entire life, and Jared Goff couldn’t have beaten St. Bernies in the Turkey Bowl with that performance.

You’re always due for one extremely bizarre week of football late in the season, and I think we got that this weekend. We had title contenders getting punched in the mouth, tanking teams doing the punching, and SaQuon Barkley getting a single yard rushing.

It was an odd week, but you can’t let that deter you from the goal. It’s Week 11, there’s THREE weeks left not to mess this up, this is not the time for drastic measures. You stay the course, play who got you here (barring injury and bye weeks of course) and ride your hot hands.

Let’s not waste any time! Pick time.


Image result for brian hill"
(Photo: Yahoo Sports)

Tom Brady, NE QB


Boy, do I hope I am.

Christian Kirk, ARI WR

I think we have finally hit the point of the program where Christian Kirk is a must-start. Yes, just the week prior, he had 2 catches for 8 yards…which is not good. However, you saw Kirk at full strength for the first time all year this past weekend. The Cardinals have San Francisco again this weekend. I don’t think they slow him down again.


The 49ers slow him down again. Just like I predicted the entire time. Because I am always am right.

Brian Hill, ATL RB

I have to be honest with everybody, I was exactly today years old when I found out who Brian Hill was. Brian Hill had 21 carries Sunday, and I watched a majority of that game. I had no idea. Guess what, that is EXACTLY why you should start him Sunday. The unknown is the most certain thing in fantasy football. This guy is going off. I can FEEL it. Start him. Forget about it. Reap the rewards.


I’m sorry….you started WHO???!???


Image result for zach pascal"
(Photo: USA Today)

Randall Cobb, DAL WR

Randall Cobb certainly had a good game last week. That is something you can’t really say a lot of nowadays. With Gallup, Cooper and Zeke, I just don’t see Cobb’s success being sustainable. There’s too many options for Prescott to go to, Cobb isn;t reliable enough. If you are starting Cobb at this point, you have booked your ticket to the toilet bowl.


Cobb zips on by the deterioting Lions defense in the first game the Cowboys have played during the day in what seems like 7 months. & catches 132 yards and a touchdown. Book it.

Zach Pascal, IND WR

What I have come to notice as a Jacoby Brissett stan is that during these Colts games here, when Brissett and T.Y. Hilton don’t play, these guys STINK! I don’t understand, Frank Reich is a great coach, but the guys outside those two aren’t getting the job done. I like Pascal, but until the Colts skill players earn trust, nobody outside the two mentioned above and Mack should start.


Pascal is going to look like Randy Moss with Jacoby coming back in a big division game. Jags stopping the Colts? Yeah right.

Mike Williams, LAC WR

I miss good Mike Williams, because this one isn’t fun. The Chargers are a bumbling mess, they can’t get anything going. They are still crazy talented, but for some reason can’t put it together. It’s like watching your favorite TV show that has come super close to winning multiple Emmy awards flop right before your very eyes in the final season on the air. Don’t start Williams


First off, I would like to thank the academy for single-handedly willing Mike Williams to a good fantasy week, Secondly, I am super glad I am not playing him this week after throwing him the ole’ Tyler Downey reverse jinx. I really am for the people.

Don’t lose focus now, people, the time is now to secure your spot in the playoffs, or earn that bye week, or absolutely tank away your season. Stay focused and embrace the hustle.

Now, if you will excuse me, I will be watching Disney+ (not sponsored, Disney, hit my line, let’s talk.)

See y’all next week!

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